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EEM 342 - Fundamentals of Control Systems

Instructor: Prof.Altuğ İFTAR
Teaching Assistants:
Course Book: 1) "Modern Control Systems" (R.C. Dorf, Addison-Wesley, 5th (1989) or any later eddition) 2) "Modern Control Engineering" (K. Ogata, Prentice Hall, 2nd (1990) or any later eddition)
Other Resources: "Linear Control System Analysis and Design" (J.J. D'Azzo & C.H. Houpis, McGraw-Hill, 3rd (1988) or any later eddition) and also any introductory book on control systems
Course Outline:
1. Week


Course Title Fundamentals of Control Systems
Course Code EEM342 Language English ECTS Credit : 7
Department/Program Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Dept.of Electrical and Electronics Engineering




Office Hours

Prof.Dr. Altuğ İFTAR

: EEM 210

: Thursdays 16:30 – 17:30


Fundamentals of control systems are introduced. 


The aim of the course is to give an introduction to the control system analysis and design. 



EEM 305 Signals and Systems. 


Week 1 (February 9 14-17)

: Introduction: definition and classification of systems, control systems.

Week 2 (February 16 14-17)

: Input-output modeling of linear time-invariant (LTI) systems: impulse response and transfer function matrices; Internal (state-space) modeling: definition of the state, state variables and state equations.

Week 3 (February 23 14-17)

: Solution to the state equations of LTI systems; similarity transformations; determination of transfer function matrices; realization of rational transfer functions; poles and modes; zeros. 

Week 4 (March 2 14-17)

: Modeling electromechanical systems; Block diagrams; block diagram reduction techniques.

Week 5 (March 9 14-17)

: Discrete-time equivalents of continuous-time systems; simulation and implementation of dynamic systems using digital computers.

Week 6

: 1st Midterm exam.

Week 7 (March 23 14-18)

: Stability: definitions of input-output and internal stability concepts; stability of LTI systems; Routh-Hurwitz test (4 hour class).

Week 8 (March 30 14-18)

: Feedback control design for stability (4 hour class). 

Week 9 (April 6 14-18)

: Steady-state errors: the servomechanism problem; transient response of LTI systems; transient response performance criteria (4 hour class).


: No class.


: 2nd Midterm exam. 

Week 12 (April 27 14-17)

: The root-locus method; controller design using the root-locus method.

Week 13 (May 4 14-17)

: Introduction to discrete-time systems; modeling; stability; steady-state errors; transient response.

Week 14 (May 11 14-17)

: Sampled-data systems: Discrete-time controller design for continuous-time systems.


The students are required to attend the classes and laboratory sessions regularly and to participate in the discussions. Timely return of laboratory reports is also required.


  • R.C. Dorf, Modern Control Systems, Addison-Wesley, 5th (1989) or any later eddition.
  • K. Ogata, Modern Control Engineering, Prentice Hall, 2nd (1990) or any later eddition.
  • J.J. D'Azzo and C.H. Houpis, Linear Control System Analysis and Design, McGraw-Hill, 3rd (1988) or any later eddition.



Any introductory book on control systems.


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